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Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at pYzam.com

Oh and Merry Christmas in case this is the last you will see of my before X-mas ;)



(if you cannot see the pic, it means I haven't uploaded it yet, lol)
*pessimistic* my oh my.... it must be a great coincidence only art from paid memebers get in the 'digitalart' (2005) and similar things like that and today's features *sarcastic* the free members can't draw! *cynical!* I bet they created the scraps-gallery, so we non paying members put our crappy art in there, so the site looks less crappy with our crappy art *infuriated*

And wtf is this read only mode in LJ so often for all of the sudden. I thought only DA likes to annoy you with their read only-modes like 5 times a minute -_-


Zero pose is now being reauctioned ^^. Click here for the auction at ebay ;)

*edit* english languaged now ^^;

Mar. 10th, 2005

hmm.. it seems you can now use html-codes in your SA-journal too... Well, at least the < b > worked for me when I updated the entry (I'm more use dto html-codes than YaBB kinda ones ^^;)

another dilemma x.x

Someone asked me which anime I got my LJ ava/icon (see the icon of this entry)... You know from the anime itself (from the screencaps?) not like that I drew it... but I did draw it and right now I dunno whether to be happy someone called my art good enough to be from a realy anime or that I should be annoyed, because that person thinks I'm not good enough at drawing -_-

original art - comforting (sketch)


erhhh... a girlfriend comforting her boyfriend... Story's private XD
BLARGH!!! and I see I got a boring workshop about how the projects engineers can make/design affect the nature from 1.30PM to 4.30PM on Thursdays and... friday blaahhh!!! x.X I don't wanna go to school until 4.30 on Fridays ;_;


The more I look at

(especially the face) the more I think I didn't draw it x.x""
I SERIOUSLY screwed up the test and I'm hungry and tired and sick and I'm about to miss the bus x.x

Mar. 8th, 2005

Ai no Kusabi has got an EVIL ending x.x *whimper*

P.S. unrelatred hushhush's offline o.O